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Wednesday, 27 March, 2013

⚗ Distillation Controller [part 2]

Read Distillation Controller - part 1 on my first experiments with an electronically controlled distillation process.

I found that controlling the temperature of the alcohol vapour is cumbersome and probably not very reliable for use with a pot still in domestic environment. By watching and monitoring the distillation process I learned a lot. I found that the distillate output is directly coupled to the power input. Very logic of course if you start thinking of it. Therefore I took a new approach to the process. I changed the whole program and started from scratch. This time with the heat of evaporation of alcohol and water as the basic starting point.
In the video you can see the results. I’m very pleased with the results so far. There still are a lot of small enhancements to be made and I’m planning to have other operating modes in the controller to make it into an universal temperature controller with an edge.


PS yes I know musing is with an S instead of a Z….


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